Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust

Here I am at the end of another weekend and I have not been able to do any of the things that I planned to do this summer. I am really depressed and discouraged about that. It is going to be another summer where all I get to do is sit around the house and watch TV and check email. I wanted to go camping, plant a few tomato plants and some flowers, visit a couple of county fairs, go to some dog shows, go to the National Speciality for the White German Shepherd Dog Club International. So far I missed the Erie Kennel Club show, it was last weekend. I am missing the Nationals, they are this weekend. We have no flowers planted and no tomato plants. I probably won't get to go camping because I have no money to buy supplies. I have no money to get batteries for my scooter so I can't go to anywhere that requires a great deal of walking. Basically I am not looking forward to the rest of the summer, quite a bummer since I had such plans when spring rolled around and then I go fired from my job. Now it will be a miracle if we can keep the electric on, pay the rent, the car payment and all the other bills that turn up. I have zero chance of finding another job with my age and my disabilities. It is going to be a cold winter when I end up homeless which I am afraid I just might. Boy am I down today. I think I will stop writing here before I redepress myself anytime I look at this.
Till next time. Vicki

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