Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last night about seven pm our highly pregnant cat decided to start and have kittens. The funny part was that she decided to start to have them while sitting on Jim! He didn't find it amusing though.We put her in her little box in the bathroom and she settled right down to business. She needed some assistance from us getting the sacs off and starting to dry the kittens off but once that was taken care of she started taking real good care of them. I took all the kittens out of her way whenever she started having the next one and gave them back to nurse during rest periods. Finally about ten thirty she had six kittens and everyone settled down to take a nap. One kitten is really tiny compared to the other five and the first two born before her are very large little moose. I am worried about the little one because they don't always do well but she latched on to a nipple first and started sucking for all she was worth. Maybe she will be just fine.

picture of Gabby and some of the kittens during a rest break.

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