Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally an end to the heat wave.

Last week the heat wave continued and I went on strike. I did not check email for the entire week, I hibernated in the bedroom which is the only room with A/C. How depressing but I couldn't breathe in the humidity and oppressive heat. Temperatures close to one hundred degrees in early June are just not typical for Northwest Pennsylvania. When that is combined with humidity way above 60% it is just a nightmare. My lungs are just not cooperating in the very cold winter weather and now they are also not doing me much good when the weather is oppressively hot. I was sort of hoping for breathing relief this summer. I would love to get out and about and enjoy the outdoor opportunities that there are available this time of the year.

View of Bicentennial Tower, Dobbins Landing, Erie, PA

I finally beat my laptop into submission and made it recognize the wireless network. It won't retain the setting for some bizzare reason but I now know how to get it to find the network so I can now check email and go online anywhere around the house and outside! I have the ability to check email when confined to the bedroom if the weather turns ugly again.

Today I am having a wonderful day, the temperatures are in the high sixties, almost no humidity. It is wonderful, there is a breeze blowing through the house and I am able to come out to the living room and enjoy my entire house. After all that is why I have a house, I don't want to be confined to one room, if I wanted that I would go to prison. With all the extras that prisoners get maybe that would be a move forward!

Here is a picture of two of the cats. Gabby and Yankee looking out at the world passing them by and wishing they could go out and join in the fun.

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