Sunday, July 27, 2008

The kittens are five weeks already!!

It is hard to believe that the kittens are five weeks old. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were watching them being born! Boy does time fly by. Flyers have been made and soon hopefull they will all be going off to new loving homes. Here are some pictures of a few of the kittens. Those that would sit still enough for a picture that is. Not all of them were cooperative, some pictures came out to be a big blur!

They are all so cute it is hard to resist the urge to keep them all but I just keep reciting the mantra: "I do not want SIX more cats."

See what I mean, aren't they just too cute! Everyone cross their fingers that we find them wonderful homes in the next few weeks. If they stay past the "Aw, aren't they cute" phase, it gets really difficult.
Wish us luck.

Doggie Play Date

Met up with my friend Lynn and we took the dogs to the beach. They had a ball swimming and running around playing with each other. We own true water loving German Shepherds. The first thing they do as soon as we let them out of the car is run straight into the water. Of course being dogs they love to share the joy with their owners so they run out of the water and get as close to you as they can before they shake the excess water off. Soon we are almost as wet as they are. They also start chase and wrestle games that kick up wet sand all over us. Lynn and I truly get to enjoy the beach experience with our dogs. We had called another friend with a German Shepherd dog about meeting at her house so after the beach we drove over there.

Debbie has a huge fenced back yard and her female German Shepherd Cheyenne is a great hostess when her dog buddies come to play. After greeting everyone at the fence to let them know it is her yard she very graciously lets the boys come in and play.

Hostess Cheyenne

Three males can be a little annoying but Cheyenne takes it all in stride. Soon they are chasing each other around the yard playing catch me if you can.

Hey we are going this way?
While the dogs are having fun Debbie, Lynn and I take the time to catch up on anything and everything. It is great to have the time to just sit and relax with good friends, often that is overlooked as our days get busy.

All too soon the dogs were tired and the day was getting late so we reluctantly said our good byes. With promises of doing it again soon Lynn and I climbed into the car with our dogs, waved bye to Cheyenne and Debbie and took our happy, exhausted dogs home.

It was a great day!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just blathering

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I have been here. It does not seem like it has been that long and it is not like I have been that busy. I guess I need to make sure to fit this into my schedule. I am not sure where because I try to make time for everything but some things I do let slide for longer than I would like.
The weather has been hot and humid again. I have had fewer breathing problems until yesterday when the humidity went way up. So I am tucked into the bedroom with the air conditioner. The weather channel is predicting rain tomorrow so I am hoping that I will be able to get around much better in the cooler temperatures that will also bring. I hate it when I can't breathe because of the weather.
I am including a picture from my friend Debbie of my dog Kai with her dog Cheyenne and their other friend Otto. Cheyenne is the beautiful plush coated girl on the right. Otto is on the left and of course my Kai is in the middle. Don't they make a cute Oreo sandwich effect!