Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scooters, parties and strange bedfellows.

I have not written anything here for so long I almost debated just letting the site disappear into cyberspace but I am going to give things another try and make an attempt to keep things just a little more current. I really do not have too much to talk about but here goes nothing.

I finally saved enough money to purchase an electric scooter so that I can get around easier. Since I do not have health insurance yet I had to use my own money so I had to purchase an inexpensive scooter. I thought at first that I was going to have to purchase a used scooter but I managed to find a brand new scooter in my price range so I am really happy about that. I want to thank the people at Blackburn's Rehab Specialities for all their assistance. They are a very informed, polite and friendly group of people that took care of my needs in an expidited and efficient manner.

Picture of my new scooter the day I picked it out

So now with my scooter I can go places and I am able to get around long distances. It gives me so much freedom, I can take my dogs for walks, go to the mall or even WalMart. I will be able to go to fairs and other celebrations and spend an hour or the day with no difficulty. For the past two years or so going anyplace like that was so painful and I could spend no more than a short time walking before I either had to stop to rest my knees or catch my breath. Now I have freedom, what shall I do with it!!
I had the opportunity to go to the 18th birthday party of the daughter of friends of mine on St. Patricks day. The birthday girl, Amanda is a beautiful girl and a sweetheart of a person. We had a great time, ate the usual cake and ice cream and had dinner later in the evening. As parties go it was a quiet time but we had a great time.

Amanda opening her gifts

Amanda showing us some of the gifts she received

Other than the addition of my new scooter and Amanda's birthday party I really don't have a great deal of new information to talk about. Let's cover some old ground. The dogs are doing fine. Kai started agility classes last month. He is doing well and now that I have my scooter I can train him much better. I am looking forward to possibly showing him soon. Rommel seems to be enjoying his retirement with us and is getting along well with all the other residents here. Kai and one of the cats seem to be joined at the hip. You never find one of them more than a few feet from the other. It has gone so far that sometimes the cat, Pip, sleeps on top of Kai. It is a strange relationship, they groom each other, play together and just hang out cuddled up.

Kai and Pip, together as always

I am going to close this post and work on ideas for the next time. See you then.