Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008

It is a rainy day and as usual on rainy days I am feeling a bit down. I don't like the way rain tends to keep me indoors. It is not that I think I will melt if I go out when it is raining but just that I don't like the uncomfortable feeling of wet clothing sticking to my skin. I think maybe that this attitude of mine has rubbed off on my dogs because they all hate to go out in the rain. Considering that they have to go outdoors no matter what the weather to take care of certain chores the fact that they do not like the rain can make life interesting. It is a bit embarrasing to have to push them out the door and then slam it in their face as they try a quick about face to get back indoors. Each dog stands huddled at the door hoping desperately that they will be let back in before they actually have to venture out in the rain. Topaz, my American Pitbull Terrier will actually peek out the door and if she sees rain she will turn around and refuse to go outside. She has actually "held it" for 12 or more hours on a rainy day. Finally truly desperate she will run outside and squat immediately. She then rushes back inside and spends the next 20 minutes drying the rain from her back.
Will come back when the weather improves. Vicki
Topaz lounging on her favorite chair, keeping an eye on her favorite bone.

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