Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time Flys!

Hard to believe that so much time has passed since I last remembered to post a note here. Not much has happened in my oh so exciting life. My article was published in Her Times magazine on August 10th so I sent out copies and web site addresses to everyone and anyone that I had even a passing acquaintance with. The website is: You click on the "Family & Relationships" link to the left, the article is entitled "Doggie U." Other than the fact that they misspelled my name in the byline but spelled it correctly in the bio information they really did not change much in the article but printed it as I sent it in. I had expected that they would edit it or change it to fit their space but they didn't. I was so happy I am still on cloud nine.

The kittens are growing like bad weeds. We are down to four, found homes for three of them but I still am hoping that we can find homes for at least three more of them. While I would possibly consider keeping one, I do not want to keep all four, that would up the cat count in this household to seven. That may be a lucky number for some people but do I want to test it!! We have given them all names mostly for ease of telling who is who.

left to right: D.C, Precious, and Punkin.

The kittens are all very active now and it is harder to get a picture. At other times they sit real still or doze off like above and I have gotten some cute pictures. This is probably the most photographed litter of kittens ever! Good practice any way.

Thundercloud over Lake Erie, picture taken from Conneaut, OH Municipal Park. Upper picnic pavilion.
We went to Jim's family reunion on a Saturday during the first part of the month. It was a gorgeous day, warm, breezy, no humidity to speak of. The sky was a beautiful blue with those white puffy cotton candy clouds over head. His reunion is held in Conneaut, Ohio at a park overlooking Lake Erie. When we arrived ther was a huge black thundercloud out over the lake, you could see the rain coming down off the cloud into the lake. All the boats on the lake headed for the marina. We could hear thunder and occasionally lightening would streak across the cloud. We all expected to be getting wet soon but the cloud just slowly drifted from west to east across the lake in front of us and never moved any closer to the shore. Soon it was past and it left no trace except for increased wave activity in the water.

Water spout that formed ahead of the thunder cloud.

Jim's birthday was this past Tuesday. We went out to dinner, had a wonderful meal. Didn't spend too much time talking to each other because Jim as usual was too busy listening to the conversations at the tables around us and interjecting comments into their conversation whenever he felt the urge. I get really upset that he does that, I consider it rude to deliberately listen to other peoples conversation, but then to just jump right in the conversation which just proves you were listening! really pisses me off. Amazingly no one has ever seemed to resent his butting in, or at least they haven't told him to mind his own business or punched him in the nose when he does it. I guess if I want him to talk to me in a social situation I need to be sitting at another table talking to someone else, then he will jump right in and talk to me!

Jim at family reunion, as usual paying attention to anything and everything except me, sigh!

That is a quick update on my month of August. September is rolling in here quick. I have lots of birthdays, including mine (which will be the dullest day in history). Doctors evaluation for my disability claim and testing for Kai to become a therapy dog. So there should be lots of interesting items to talk about and take pictures of. Now if I just remember that I have a blog and I should post just a little more often.

So long for now,
winning the award for the worlds laziest blogger!